Come experience a life-changing moment
The second act of PARCO THEATER begins

A grand presence with an intimate atmosphere
PARCO THEATER creators and actors, together with you, will create an experience of a lifetime.
Time spent at PARCO THEATER may create a small but significant change to your life


Parco theater


Parco theater


Parco theater



15-1 Udagawacho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8377 SHIBUYA PARCO 8F
15 minute walk from SHIBUYA station

* JR (Japan Railway) - Yamanote Line / Saikyo Line
* Tokyu Toyoko Line / Denentoshi Line
* Keio Inokashira Line
* Tokyo Metro - Ginza LIne / Hanzomon Line

Above public transportation will stop at SHIBUYA. Once getting off the train, find HACHIKO exit (Shibuya Crossing)

From SHIBUYA crossing (HACHIKO exit), cross over to SEIBU Department Store corner and walk alongside the store entrance. Turn left at SHIBUYA MODI on the corner. Walk up the hilly street for about a hundred meters (110 yards) known as ‘KOEN DORI (Park street) and you’ll find PARCO to your left. The theater is located on the 8th floor of the building.

The number of elevators is limited and may take some time to get to the theater floo

■ PARKING PARCO THEATER visitors will receive two hours of a free parking ticket.
Upon arrival, please contact PARCO THEATER reception and we will provide a ‘Parking service receipt‘ with a QR code With a purchase of over 3000 yen (tax included) in any of the designated PARCO stores and restaurants, you will receive an additional one-hour free ticket for a maximum of three hours.

PARCO Basement Parking Operation hours: 07:00 - 24:00
Weekdays: 320 yen per 30 minutes
Weekends: 400 yen per 30 minutes

Automated parking - 134
Regular parking - 66
High roof parking - 68

*PARCO Parking has only one entrance on the north side of the building, ‘Organ Hill’ side, and can only turn left. You will not be able to turn right from the opposite lane.

Additional Parking Shibuya City Office Public basement parking is affiliated with PARCO.
PARCO THEATER users are eligible for free parking hours.




■ WHEELCHAIR SEATS We have set aside spaces for wheelchair users.
Once you purchase your ticket, please contact PARCO STAGE to indicate your seat reservation.
We ask you to contact us in advance to prepare for your assistance on the day of your arrival.

On the day of the performance, our staff will escort you to your space. Please be reminded that wheelchair spaces are limited and advance reservation is highly recommended. Please contact us a day in advance at the latest.

PARCO STAGE: 03-3477-5858 (Operation hours are currently limited)
Seating arrangements may vary with each performance. Please refer to the performance site for detailed information.
On occasion our wheelchair spaces are fully booked, we may ask you to be seated in your purchased seat.

■ ENGLISH SUBTITLE Tablets are available for performances highlighted as ‘English Subtitle’.
Please contact theater reception upon arrival. Please also note the number of tablets is limited.
Tablets rentals are free of charge. We ask for a deposit of 1000 yen to be exchanged for the return of the tablet at the end of the performance.

■ HEARING AIDS Hyaline group (magnetic loop)We provide Hearing Loop receivers for hearing enhancement aids such as magnetic coils and cochlear implants, free of charge, to help clearly hear the sound of our stage.

The number of earpieces is limited and some seats may have limited audio receiving. Please contact PARCO STAGE in advance, at the latest a day in advance of the performance, once you purchase your ticket.

We ask for a deposit of 1000 yen to be exchanged for the return of the earpiece at the end of the performance.

PARCO STAGE: 03-3477-5858 (Operation hours are currently limited)



■ SHIBUYA PARCO Stores and restaurant benefits
Submit your theater ticket or CINE QUINTO stub at designated stores and receive special offers prepared at each store. Please note the ticket cannot be combined with other discount or benefit services.

Restaurant & cafe service Restaurant & cafe service
PARCO劇場 こけら落とし公演 PARCO劇場OPEN!2020.3
PARCO劇場OPEN!2020.3 PARCO劇場OPEN!2020.3

■ Café Café service is available in the foyer of the theater. The café is open before the performance and during the break.

Entrance 1

■ Entrance 1

Entrance 2

■ Entrance 2


■ Restrooms Restrooms for men and women are located on the 7th floor. From the foyer, please go down the stairs in the theater. When they are crowded, please use the stairs on the left of the stage after the 1st and 2nd doors for the men's restrooms and the stairs on the right of the stage after the 3rd and 4th doors for the women's restrooms. You may also use the restroom on the 8th floor of Shibuya PARCO.

*Customers who leave the theater should bring their ticket stubs with them to present to the theater staff on their return.

■ Lockers (available for a fee) Coin return lockers (100 yen) are available on the 7th floor of the theater. From the foyer, please go down the stairs in the theater.
Please contact the staff regarding large luggage. ■ Smoking area The smoking area is located on the 7th floor. Please go down the stairs from the theatre foyer.
*Please note that this area is not available after the performance. Please use the other smoking areas designated on each floor of the building.