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  • Ryuichi Sakamoto Sound + Concept
    Shiro Takatani Visual Design + Concept

    Min Tanaka
    Mayumi Miyata
    Rin Ishihara

    Lighting Design: Yukiko Yoshimoto
    Media Authoring/Programing:
    Ken Furudate, Satoshi Hama, Ryo Shiraki
    Costume Design: Sonya Park
    Costume Production: ARTS & SCIENCE
    Production Manager: Simon MacColl
    Stage Manager: Nobuaki Oshika
    Front of House Engineer: ZAK
    Produced by Richard Castelli, Norika Sora, Yoko Takatani
    In co-production with Holland Festival - Amsterdam,
    deSingel - Antwerpen, Manchester International Festival
    Developed in collaboration with Dumb Type Office,
    KAB America Inc., Epidemic
    Production & Tour Management:
    Richard Castelli, Florence Berthaud (Epidemic)

    Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborated with Shiro Takatani (of Dumb Type) for the presentation of their newest and final theatrical piece, "TIME," which will make its premiere in Japan. Following his renowned work, "LIFE a ryuichi sakamoto opera 1999," Sakamoto crafted an entirely original score while leading its concept and co-creating with visual artist Shiro Takatani. Featuring performances by Min Tanaka, Mayumi Miyata (Shō player), and Rin Ishihara, "TIME" presents a world where sound, installations, and visual art intersect and where light and water merge to produce a myriad of dreams that seamlessly blend within the theatre space.
    *Japanese performance with English subtitles.

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